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2018-2028 Long Term Plan Consultation

What's the future Tairawhiti?

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2018-2028 Long Term Plan Consultation

Consultation on the draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan ran from 12 March and closed 20 April 2018.

We received 347 submissions, raising 693 submission points. 90 submissions were received late. Councillors heard submissions 14-16 May. The draft plan is to be adopted by Council on 28 June.

Here's a snapshot showing our community engagement

Consultation document - What's the future Tairāwhiti?

Our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan consultation document 'What's the Future Tairāwhiti?' sets out what we plan to do over the next 10 years.

The document includes big decisions to weigh up, planned activities, key projects and financial impacts.

2018-2028 Long Term Plan Consultation Document [PDF, 8 MB]

Consultation document as an eBook  

Big decisions on our challenges

Road Maintenance  |  Wastewater Treatment  |  DrainWise Olympic Pool Upgrade  |  Taruheru Cycleway

Road Maintenance  |  Whakatika Rori 

Roading Icon

The challenge for roading and the option for affordable renewal focus or high investment in the short term.
Road Maintenance Options [PDF, 379 KB]

We also consulted on 2 plans:
Draft Regional Land Transport Plan
Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 

Wastewater Treatment  | Whakamātau Waikino 

Water Icon

The challenge for wastewater treatment and the options to do phase one within 10 years or complete the project within 10 years.
Wastewater Treatment Options [PDF, 381 KB]

We also consulted on the draft Infrastructure strategy.

DrainWise  |  Putanga Wai Drainwise icon

Our challenge for DrainWise and the options to focus on public, enforce private or pay for private.
DrainWise Options [PDF, 379 KB] 


Olympic Pool Complex Upgrade  |  Te Whakahou o Te Kōpuwai o Olympic Community Icon

The challenge for redeveloping our Olympic Pool complex and the preferred option of a fit for purpose facility or downsize to pay less.
Olympic Pool Options [PDF, 1.3 MB]


Taruheru Cycleway  | Te Ara Pahikara o Taruheru 

Major projects icon

The challenge for the Taruheru Cycleway and our options to fully fund externally or chip in a bit.
Taruheru Cycleway Options [PDF, 378 KB]


What does it mean for your rates?

Check your estimated rates on Tairāwhiti Maps  - type the address into the search bar and it will show the property's indicative rates for 2018/19. 


Supporting information and concurrent consultation

We have supporting information such as our activities, policies and strategies also other consultation happening alongside the Long Term Plan consultation.

1. Our Activities

Our Activities [PDF, 1.6 MB] includes: Governance and Support, Support Services, Environmental Services and Protection, Infrastructure Services, Liveable Communities, Planning and Development, Commercial Operations.

2. Our Strategies

Our Strategies [PDF, 3 MB] includes: Draft Financial Strategy and Infrastructure Strategy

3. Our Policies

Our Policies [PDF, 2.8 MB] includes: Development Contributions, Tairawhiti Piritahi - Fostering Māori Participation in Council Decision-Making, Investment Policy, Liability Management Policy, Draft Significance and Engagement Policy, Rating Remission, Postponement and Penalty Policies and Draft Revenue and Financing Policy

4. Our Finances

Our Finances [PDF, 697 KB] includes rates information. 

What will your property rates 2018/19 be?

Check your estimated rates on Tairāwhiti Maps - type your address into the search bar and it will show your property's indicative rates for 2018/19. 

WTF Rates Houses 3a

WTF Rates Houses 3b

We also consulted on these draft documents

Regional Land Transport Plan

Gisborne Regional Public Transport Plan

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Fees and Charges for 2018/19 [PDF, 2.4 MB]  

How we consulted 

We held community meetings, read the meeting notes. See the meeting calendar 

What happens next?

This is the timeline for adopting the 2018-28 Long Term Plan

WTF Timeline


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