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Navigations trail set to install

18 Jun 2018

Navigations trail set to install

Interactive interpretations of history and culture will be ready for installation when upgrades to sites for the Tairāwhiti Navigations programme are completed over the next 12 months.

The Historic Interpretations project, led by tangata whenua and Council, will produce a heritage interpretation experience named ‘Tupapa – Our stand. Our story’.

“‘Tupapa’ describes the place where the iwi of Turanganui-a-Kiwa connect through shared ancestry and history,” says Project manager Pania Ruakere-Wyllie.

“The project tells the stories passed down about the first people to navigate and settle in this region through a bilingual, multimedia storytelling experience.”

“These stories (taonga) have been shared by our local iwi; Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Ngati Oneone, Rongowhakaata and Ngai Tamanuhiri, and will be attached to significant sites around the river, inner harbour and Titirangi.”

The interpretations will combine digital media on a website and app, with ten trail markers and view shafts to weave together significant sites with the landscape, sea and sky.

The fully bilingual markers will direct the user to the website or to download the app, however they can still receive a full interpretation experience without digital media. Their design is based on traditional Polynesian sails.

Two view shafts featuring stainless steel 3D maps will also be installed, one on the Turanganui riverside and a second on Titirangi summit.

The Turanganui view shaft will provide an overview and introduce visitors to the experience, while the Titirangi shaft will have a focus on the Pacific journey.

Developed with interpretation design specialists, Locales Limited, the website and app provides documentary and interactive-style storytelling as well as two games. The website is accessible online from anywhere, while the app works on the go and provides more information throughout the trail.

When complete visitors will experience a self-guided easy walk of up to 4 km (or 8km return) taking between 1-3 hours that connects sites from Waikanae Beach to Cook Landing Site and Titirangi Reserve.

Tupapa, adopted by Iwi as a suitable name for the Trail and the historical interpretation experience, will represent one of the many voices of our community and a significant time in the history for our district.

Construction of the markers and view shafts will be installed following upgrades to sites as part of the Tairāwhiti Navigations programme.

Tairāwhiti Navigations programme manager De-Arne Sutherland says tangata whenua and Council want to ensure sites are ready before installation and celebrating the launch to enable the community to enjoy an authentic and quality experience.

Additional information

Historical Interpretations is one of five projects under the Tairāwhiti Navigations programme.

The $2.25 million project is being funded by the Eastland Community Trust.

Council, designers and Iwi have worked collectively on all aspects of the project since 2016.

Images: Trail marker, Mobile app trail map and Tupapa website home page 

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