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Annual Plan 2017/18

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Annual Plan 2017/18

Gisborne District Council's 2017/18 Annual Plan highlights what you can expect to see over the next financial year. Through the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan we worked with you to set our course of action. We're on track for delivering our plans for year 3.

Tairawhiti First - Annual Plan 2017/18

We've put together a special edition of Tairawhiti First - Annual Plan highlights [PDF, 6 MB].

We asked for feedback 

Peel Street toilets - should we refurbish, repurpose or build a new facility?
For more information

James Cook Observatory - the observatory on Titirangi is currently closed due to earthquake risk. What do you think of the facility? For more information

Easter Sunday trading - do you think we should allow Easter Sunday trading in our district? For more information

Rates - 2% increase

Our projects and activities set out for year 3 of our Long Term Plan are on track to be delivered, while maintaining the average rates increase at 2% for a majority of our district.

Check the estimated 2017/18 rates for your property on Tairawhiti Map tool   

What we spend your rates on

On average each resident pays $6.65 per day, or annually around $2.4k per year. Below is some of the main ways your money is spent each day.

*How much you pay in rates will vary depending on the valuation of your property, how your land is used, where your property is located and what targeted rates/services apply.

Rates Spend Graphic


Changes to the Long Term Plan we want you to know about

Some changes from what's in the the Long Term Plan that will occur over the next year.
Read our Long Term Plan 2015-2025 for more information.  

Tairawhiti Navigations & Inner Harbour

Concepts for the inner harbour are currently being finalised within the $3.7m budget. We're working with NZTA on how they can contribute to the project. Read more about the project

Waipaoa flood protection

We'll be investigating what's needed to reduce the timeframe from a 15 year project to a 10 year project. Read more about the project

Library upgrade

The Library upgrade is underway after a more thorough procurement process and a final budget of $6.9m confirmed using reserve funds and activity surpluses. Read more about the project

Lawson Field Theatre

We're seeking additional external funding to complete the comprehensive upgrade of the theatre facilities without impacting on rates.


Any further funding required to implement the preferred treatment method would need to be consulted through the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan. Read more about the project

Walking and cycling

We'll be discussing options with residents on what a cycle path along Rutene Road would look like.

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