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Be wise with that stormwater

28 Sep 2017

Be wise with that stormwater

During heavy rain, stormwater is the biggest problem for Council when it comes to dealing with wastewater overflows into the city’s rivers.

The community has made it very clear it doesn’t want the wastewater released into the rivers when the system cannot cope with the amount of water flowing through it.

But David Wilson, director community lifelines, says it needs to be a joint effort between the community and Council to improve the problem.

“Stormwater from people’s property and guttering that is draining into gully traps and into the wastewater network are causing us the biggest problems,” says Mr Wilson.

As part of the DrainWise project he's urging people to check rain water is not going into the wastewater system through the gully trap.

“Drain rain water away from the wastewater pipes,” he says. “Find out where does your water go? It may end up flooding the neighbour’s property. Let us know and we will work to fix the problem.”

An independent review of DrainWise has been completed and identified private property drainage solutions are where we need to focus solutions.

Council sought grant funding to address flooding issues on property without success, and are now working to determine what level of assistance Council can provide to private homeowners that balances owner responsibilities and public good.

“We know when it rains, water gets into the system too fast, “ says Mr Wilson, “if the community don’t help, it becomes an impossible situation for Council.”

 “Clearly, fixing the issue of on-property flooding has wider benefits for everyone. We want to be part of the solution.

“Private property drainage needs to be connected to the stormwater network and the wastewater network protected from that.”

Council will also continue investing in maintenance and renewal of the public part of the wastewater system.

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