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Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens Australia

Australian garden in the Botanical Gardens

This sculpture 'rain catcher' is a gift from the people of Gisborne and the Macedon Ranges Shire to the people of Gisborne New Zealand.  It celebrates our sister city relationship.  The sculpture which in general, attempts to demonstrate the great cycle of nature: evaporation - cloud formation - precipitation - returns to the sea - evaporation - (etc) and in detail map the significant Australian topography of the Macedon Ranges Shire.

As the cast bronze sculpture is mostly copper 'rain catcher' has a water diving capacity that will draw the aquifer up to itself and suck rain from passing clouds.  Water flows down around the landscape, along creeks and under bridges, until finally making its way back to sea.

A laden container ship ploughs the Tasman Sea connecting our 2 countries.  It is full of the bounty that flows from our friendship.

Anton Hasell, January 2000.

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