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Building consent fees

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Building consent fees

Below are some building fees, for a full list of fees see Building Services fees and charges [PDF, 606 KB].

Work description


Additions, alterations, new structures  *charged at actual cost
Alterations and garages $520 deposit
New dwellings $780 deposit
Commercial up to and including $1 million $1200 deposit
Commercial or other over $1 million $2500 deposit
Fireplace - freestanding $353*
Fireplace - Inbuilt $470*
Marquees $100 deposit
Demolition - residential (includes 1 inspection) $198**
Demolition - commercial (includes 2 inspections) $354**
Footpath damage - refundable less admin fee of $56 $1000
Sign damage - refundable less admin fee of $56 $600
Certificate of Public Use - issue $190
Fast track garage (restrictions apply) $757**
Minor building work $512*

Swimming pools - up to the value of $19,000  

Type of pool


Swimming pool, fence & drainage (inground) $512* deposit**
Swimming pool, fence & drainage (above ground),
including fencing existing swimming pool
$352* deposit**
3 yearly inspection fee $156

* Charge calculated on actual and reasonable costs associated with processing the consent.
** Plus $25 if certificate of title is not supplied
Pools on a hill or slope or with a value of over $20,000 will require a full actual and reasonable cost building consent.

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