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Building consent

All building work must be carried out in accordance with the Building Act and Gisborne District Council's District Plan. This is to make sure that all building work is safe and meets the building code and Resource Management Act.

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Note : There are some changes to the Building Act that may affect your building work.  The changes apply to most residential building work or renovations.

You can talk to our duty planner, or your own planning adviser about your building project to make sure it will meet the requirements of the District Plan.  It's best to do this before you apply for a building consent, to avoid any expensive changes to plans.

Building consents are processed within 20 working days. You need a building consent for building work as defined in the Building Act 2004, this may include:

  • Structural building - includes new buildings, additions, alterations, accessory buildings (sheds) and repiling
  • Additions or Alterations - also see minor building consent work 
  • Most plumbing work
  • Drainage work
  • Heating (solid fuel fireplace), ventilation and air conditioning systems necessary for the functioning of the building
  • Alterations to specified systems (commercial buildings)
  • Lifts
  • Site works associated with the building
  • Relocation of secondhand buildings
  • Retaining walls higher than 1.5m
  • Retaining walls less than 1.5m that provide support for buildings, driveways or sloping ground
  • Swimming pools and large tanks
  • Decks that are covered
  • Decks that are more than 1.5 metres from ground level
  • Any building more than 10m²
  • Dams

Minor building work  

Apply for the following work on a Minor Building Consent application.  Work must be under the value of $19,000 and be one of the following:

  • House repiling- repiling an existing dwelling
  • Shower over existing bath - where the bath is staying in its original position and no waste pipes are changing position.
  • Minor internal alterations - taking out a load bearing wall and replacing it with a beam.  No work under this title shall include plumbing.
  • Pergola to an existing deck - a rafter pergola covered with roofing.
  • Minor plumbing & drainage work :
    • stormwater to kerb
    • any pipe work on a hot water cylinder
    • replacing existing sewer (clay to PVC - fee reduced to $180)
    • drain repair requested by Council following CTV inspection that does not require further inspection. 6m length of pipe (charged at half price), less than 6m - no charge.
  • Septic tank repair or replacement - a septic tank assessment will be required with the application.
    More information on wastewater systems
  • Repitching of an existing roof - increase the pitch of an existing roof using factory manufactured trusses but not including attic type trusses and not increasing the plan area of the roof.
  • Enclosing an existing porch- with an area greater than 5 m² for sunroom or extra living space only, not to be used for sleeping purposes.  No plumbing or foundation work involved.
  • Proprietary conservatories - factory manufactured conservatories that carry their own producer statement.
  • Residential fences- which requires a consent, higher than 2.5 metres.
  • Carport - (stand-alone or attached to an existing house) has 3 or more open sides and is greater than 20m².

Any other minor building work may only be accepted under a minor building consent at the discretion of our building services manager.

Application form for minor building work  

Fast-track building consents 

We have a Fast-Track Consent (FTC) service that takes 5 working days to process low risk building consents. The 5 day processing starts from the day your consent is accepted, if received before 12noon. 

You must lodge your application with all the required information, documentation and fee to qualify.
If your application is incomplete, you'll be advised and your building consent will be put on hold until the requested information has been received.  The application will then be processed as a normal building consent within 20 working days once the information is received.  There may be additional fees to pay if the application reverts back to 20 working days to process.

Building work approved for FTC

The building work identified as being covered by FTC is non-negotiable.  We endeavour to process all building consents within timeframe, but the list of FTC are the only work that meets the 5 working day criteria.  FTC applies to work on a residential property only.  The list of work includes:

Apply on a Minor Building Consent application form for:

  • minor internal alterations
  • minor plumbing and drainage work
  • drain repairs as a result of Council's infiltration tests
  • enclose an existing porch
  • re-pitch an existing roof
  • pergola on an existing deck
  • solar panels
  • new hot water cylinder
  • factory manufactured conservatory - in a *reticulated residential zone, but excludes those in a flood/site caution zone
  • carport - up to 36m2, open on 3 sides and on flat land in a reticulated residential zone but excludes those in a flood/site caution zone

Apply on a Building Consent application form for:

  • proprietary garage - up to 36m2 on flat land in a *reticulated residential zone with no plumbing and drainage, excludes those with a firewall and/or in a flood/site caution zone.
    Proprietary garages are those from one of the national chains such as Versatile, Skyline, Ideal, Totalspan, KiwiSpan or any other that meets this criteria.
    The value of work must be less than $20,000.  The fee is $737 incl GST.

*Reticulated means your property must be connected to Council's wastewater network - not a septic tank.

Pamphlet - Fast-Track Building Consent [PDF, 687 KB]

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