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Civic awards

These awards help us to reward our district's greatest helpers by nominating them for a Citizens Civic Award.

Civic Awards recognise local individuals or an organisation in our district, who give substantial voluntary community service that benefits people of the Gisborne district.

How to make a nomination

Nominations for 2020 are open and close 4pm Friday 31 July

Citizens Civic Award Nomination Form [PDF, 192 KB]

Any individual, group or organisation may make a nomination.  All nominations must be nominated and seconded.

The qualifying criteria

Recipients must have performed exceptional voluntary service to the Gisborne district community. Current Gisborne District Council staff do not qualify. Previous award recipients are not eligible - see the list of previous recipients  

Merit and recognition award recipients can be nominated again

Who can be nominated for a Civic Award?

Any individual or organisation who carries out substantial voluntary work to the benefit of the Gisborne district and its people.

Can someone living outside Gisborne be nominated for an award?

The person must be living in our district - the awards celebrate the work of Gisborne district residents.

Who can nominate people or organisations for awards?

Any individual, group or organisation can make a nomination.

Do I need permission from the person I wish to nominate?

This is not a requirement.  However, as a courtesy you may wish to discuss your nomination with your nominee.

Can a Civic Award be made to a deceased person?

Unfortunately posthumous nominations are not eligible.

How are nominations judged?

The judging panel is made up of the Mayor, 3 councillors and 2 citizens of Gisborne.