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Civil defence planning at work

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Civil defence planning at work

You need to identify where your business is most vulnerable.  Is it in an earthquake, flood or other natural or man-made disaster.  Plan now to reduce that risk. Call civil defence at council for information on how to prepare your plan.

Link to BCP Guide 2012

Business recovery plan checklist

  • Are your essential documents backed up or copied? Are they safely stored - even off the premises?
  • Are shelves, tall furniture and computers securely braced?
  • If you have hazardous materials on the premises - how secure are they?
  • Is your stock and equipment adequately insured?
  • If your business has public access, what danger would your customers be in?
  • Do you have regular emergency drills and have you tested your evacuation plan?
  • Do you have an emergency power source if it is vital to maintain some power immediately after a disaster?
  • After an earthquake or flood who will clean up the mess and get you back up and running?
  • How will you let customers know you are still in business?
  • What extra advice do you need to get to make sure your risks are reduced?

Staff recovery plan checklist

  • Do your staff know the emergency drill and evacuation plan (and have you got one)?
  • Who is in charge of making sure everyone is safe and calling emergency services when needed?
  • Do they know where to turn off water, gas or electricity?
  • Is at least one person in your business trained in first aid? Is your first aid kit of good quality and up-to-date?
  • What plans have staff made for their family's safety, to reduce their fears if they can't get to them?
  • How soon will staff be able to get back to work?
  • What sort of customer service will they be able to provide ... the same or different?

Check other education resources available

You can learn more about preparing your business for disaster at the National Get Thru Website(external link)