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Civil Defence plans and reports

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Civil Defence plans and reports

Tairawhiti Emergency Management (CDEM) plans and reports.

Adverse Event Plan | Climate Change Reports | Flood Plans | Pandemic Plan | Recovery Plan | Tsunami Plan | Volcanic Contingency Plan | Volcanic ash fall information | Welfare Plan

Tairawhiti Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan 2016-2021 

Part A - Introduction, Risk and Hazards, Strategic and Management [PDF, 3.8 MB] 
Part B - Operational [PDF, 2.9 MB] 
Part C - Appendices 1 - 13 [PDF, 1 MB]  

A guide for emergency services, lifeline organisations and non-government organisations (NGOs) in civil defence.

Adverse Event Plan

Adverse Event Plan 2017 [PDF, 625 KB] 
A guide for emergency services in a non-declared event.

Flood plans 

Te Karaka Flood Plan 

Cyclone Bola in 2008 required the evacuation of Te Karaka township. This plan outlines the procedures used when a flood is serious enough to evacuate Te Karaka Township and surrounding areas. 

Tolaga Bay Flood Plan 

This plan outlines procedures used when a flood is serious enough to evacuate Mangatuna, Wharekaka/Kaiaua, Paroa/Mangaheia Flats - collectively known as Tolaga Bay.

Poverty Bay Flats Flood Plan 

This plan outlines procedures used when a flood is serious enough to evacuate areas on the Poverty Bay Flats.

Pandemic plan 

Pandemic Plan 

The community's and Civil Defence Emergency Management Group response in the Gisborne district to an avian influenza threat or outbreak, or other notified disease that could cause a pandemic.

Recovery plan   

Recovery Action Plan for Uawa and Waipaoa Communities [PDF, 1.7 MB]
This plan provides a framework of actions that set the course of recovery for both the Uawa and Waipaoa communities. 

Recovery Plan 

Recovery is defined as the coordinated efforts and process to effect the immediate, medium and long-term holistic regeneration of a community following a disaster.

Tsunami plan  

Tsunami Plan [PDF, 1.8 MB]  |  Tsunami Evacuation Maps  |  Tsunami Advice 

Procedures to be followed in the event that the Gisborne district has warning of a distantly generated tsunami to keep communities safe, or timely response to a locally generated tsunami.

Volcanic contingency plan  

Volcanic Contingency Plan  |  Volcanic Ash Fall Information 

Steps that CDEM will use to manage the lead up to and eruptive stages of a volcanic event. The recovery phase will be managed with the Recovery Plan, except the clean-up which will be planned at the time.

Welfare plan  

Welfare Plan [PDF, 1.3 MB] 

A welfare group has been established to meet the obligations of CDEM has in relation to any person or family removed from or isolated in, their normal place of residence anywhere within the Gisborne district, because of an event that has resulted in an emergency.