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Community Consultation

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Community Consultation

We value and are committed to effective community consultation, because better decisions are made when there is community input. 

Public involvement and your feedback helps us to make well-informed decisions.  Our purpose is to make decisions and take action on behalf of our communities.   

Where any decision requires a special consultative procedure, we will follow the procedure prescribed in the relevant Act. 

Coming soon

Heavy truck freight route options consultation will be live on Monday 13 July.
It will include all the information, Q&As and the opportunity to provide feedback.
In the meantime here's the WSP report Heavy Vehicle Route Options [PDF, 4.2 MB]


Open consultation

Closed consultation  

Community meetings 

Legal requirements

The Local Government Act 2002 sets standards for decision-making and requires that:
• when Council makes significant decisions, to give consideration to the views and preferences of affected people (LGA 2002 Section 78)
• when undertaking consultation, to do so in accordance with the principles of consultation in the Act (LGA 2002 Section 82)
• Māori must have the opportunity to contribute to decision-making (LGA 2002 Section 81).
Council’s consultation and community engagement focus is an important function as the greater the participation levels, the more likely it is that we will make well-informed decisions that will match the aspirations of our community.

In person, in print and online, we aim to provide opportunities for people to have their say.

Significance and engagement policy

Our Significance and Engagement Policy guides how we engage with our communities about important Council matters.