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Construction work underway on Esplanade

18 Apr 2018

Construction work underway on Esplanade

esplanade roadworks NR

Construction work will begin on the Esplanade between Wainui and Crawford Roads in preparation for the inner harbour redevelopment.

Old sewer pipes will be replaced during the redevelopment work, expected to take about three months.

Motorists should expect some traffic and parking restrictions throughout this period, however driveway access to inner harbour businesses will not be affected.

All businesses will remain open throughout.

The new pipe will be laid in the footpath on the Kaiti side of the Esplanade, completed in sections. During this time up to 10 parks will be unavailable during working hours.

From the beginning of July through to August the pipe will be laid in the centre of the Esplanade. The road will remain open with some restrictions and limited parking on the harbour side during working hours. After hours all parks will be available.

Work will be carried out  weekdays from 7am to 5pm. Access to some properties may be affected for short periods but will be open after 5pm.

Design contract engineer Elettra Pasquini says they aimed to minimise any disruption or delays to the public.