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Consultation on Draft Trade Waste Bylaw 2021

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Consultation on Draft Trade Waste Bylaw 2021

Council proposes to revoke it's Trade Waste Bylaw 2015 and make a new trade waste bylaw.

This bylaw would apply to all trade waste discharged from trade premises in the Gisborne district into Council's wastewater system. The purpose of this bylaw is to:

(a) protect people and the environment from potential adverse effects of harmful substances discharged to the public wastewater system;
(b) protect the public wastewater system from damage and provide for its efficient operation;
(c) assist treatment plants within the public wastewater system to process wastewater and produce biosolids of a guaranteed quality; and
(d) encourage waste minimisation, cleaner production, efficient recycling and reuse of waste streams at business premises.

Key documents

Draft Trade Waste Bylaw 2021 [PDF, 332 KB] 

Statement of Proposal [PDF, 140 KB] - outlines reasoning with considered and preferred options

Trade Waste Bylaw 2015 - to be revoked

The draft bylaw proposes to:

1. Prohibit the discharge of mortuary wastewater into Councils wastewater system and regulate its transport and disposal.

2. Classify tankered waste as discretionary waste requiring a trade waste consent to discharge to a Council approved facility.

3. Classify all industry Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) discharges above concentrations of 400g/m3 as a discretionary waste.

4. Classify liquid pharmaceutical wastes above the specified concentrations (table 1) and halogenated aliphatic compounds above concentrations of 1g/m³ as a discretionary waste.  

Table 1


Make a submission on the Draft Trade Waste Bylaw 2021

Submissions on the draft bylaw close 5pm Monday 5 April.

A hearing will be held on 19 May for submitters who wish to present their submission in person to the hearing panel.

Council will make a decision 30 June.

You can provide your feedback here online