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Cemeteries plan

Have your say on our draft plan for cemeteries.

In 2016, we asked for your input to help us develop a cemeteries plan. We listened to your feedback and it's helped us draft this plan. Now we need to know what you think of the key changes before we finalise the plan. 

The community facilities strategy guides our plans for investment in facilities over the next 30 years. We want to ensure our facilities meet community needs and are cost-effective.

The draft plan proposes the following key changes:

• review how we fund cemetery services and who pays   
• provide for more diverse options such as natural and eco burials 
• improve amenities and make cemeteries multi-purpose spaces 
• extend cemetery services to include heritage and genealogy research and heritage trails.

Read the draft Cemeteries Plan [PDF, 2 MB]
Community Facilities Strategy

Have your say

Before we finalise the plan, we want to know what you think about:

Fees for cemetery services - ratepayers are heavily subsidising the cost of cemetery services - what proportion should users pay and why?
Our fees are amongst the lowest in the country. Our policy is that 80% of costs should be paid by users and 20% paid by ratepayers. The 20% covers aspects of the cemeteries that everyone benefits from.
Currently 60% is user-pays and ratepayers cover 40% of the costs of these services.

Diversify our services - would you or your loved ones use alternative options to standard burial, and who should pay?
We're looking at providing alternative options like eco and natural burials.
Would you use genealogical research tools or heritage trails?

Making cemeteries multi-purpose spaces - can cemeteries be more usable to communities?
Our cemeteries have the potential to be park-like settings with some improvements. We're looking at how to make cemetery spaces more usable for activities like walk and bike tracks. 

Tell us what you think  

Feedback closes Friday 2 November.

Cemetery fees - what proportion should users pay and why?

Alternative burials - would you use them? Who should provide and pay for the service?

Genealogy services - Who should provide and pay for this?

Multi-purpose spaces - what do you think about this?

Thanks for your feedback

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