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Earthquake research

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Gisborne at 8.55pm on 20 December 2007. Minor damage was widespread but in some locations, especially the CBD, a number of buildings were extensively damaged. 

Shaken Up cover pageWhilst the Gisborne earthquake was only a moderate event overall, it is the first earthquake in many years that affected a population centre as large as a provincial city. The response and recovery to this event, in particular addressing the areas of heavy damage, has provided the opportunity for learning to improve the management of future natural hazards. Several research organisations have conducted studies into the recovery experiences of the Gisborne community following the earthquake.

On 7 December 2009, 2 years on from the earthquake, some 140 government representatives, insurers, local authority staff, researchers, engineers and others from throughout New Zealand and Australia attended a half-day workshop called Shaken Up: Recovery Following the Gisborne Earthquake - at which the findings of this research were presented. The workshop was organised by researchers at Opus International Consultants’ Central Laboratories in Lower Hutt as part of a research programme entitled Social and Economic Recovery from Natural Disasters through Community Resilience (2004-2010), funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST).

Proceedings of 'Shaken Up'

Foreword and contents (217kb 2 pages)
Vince Dravitzki, Opus Central Laboratories

Introduction: Recovery as an holistic concept (292kb 3 pages)
Alan Walker, MCDEM

The earthquake's impacts on buildings and infrastructure (6.54MB 11 pages)
Noel Evans, Opus Napier

How and why earthquakes induce people to travel about (2.72MB 14 pages)
Dr Darren Walton, Opus Central Laboratories

The community's experience of recovery : (832kb 9 pages)
Preliminary findings from the 2007 earthquake household damage and preparedness survey
Wendy Saunders and Julia Becker, GNS Science

Business recovery and the rebuilding of commercial property (934kb 22 pages)
Dr Felicity Powell and Dr Abigail Harding, Opus Central Laboratories

Coordination of state and private funding of repairs (283kb 6 pages)
John Lucas, Insurance Council of New Zealand

Strong similarities between two urban earthquakes: (3.48MB 7 pages)
Gisborne 2007 and Newcastle 1989
Dave Brunsdon, Resilient Organisations

Panel discussion (288kb 8 pages)
Joined by Peter Higgs, Gisborne District Council

Conference announcement (383kb 2 pages)
Paul Finlay, Waitakere Consulting Engineers

Covers (1.82MB 4 pages)

GNS Science report April 2012

This report has been prepared for Gisborne District Council in April 2012 (see disclaimer in report), which includes a review of probable ground-shaking intensities based on the latest National Seismic Hazard Model (Stirling et al., 2011).

Review and update of earthquake return periods for the Gisborne Region (1MB 24 pages)

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