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February committee meeting highlights

15 Feb 2013

February committee meeting highlights

Community Development Committee

Read the Agenda and reports from the Community Development Committee(external link)

Consulting soon on draft Active Recreation Strategy

Council adopted the draft Active Recreation Strategy for consultation. The strategy looks at the active recreation needs of our communities and how they can be met effectively in an affordable way.

The strategy proposes to make the best use of the natural environment and climate for active recreation. For example this maybe by providing cycle and walkways and boat launch facilities. Council will work with partners to fund recreational facilities and infrastructure. Consultation on the strategy opens later this month.

Revitalising the Elgin Neighbourhood

Work has been underway since 2011. Working with the E Tu Elgin Trust a safety audit has been completed. Improvements have been made in Blackpool Park and in the Elgin Shopping Centre using a grant from the Ministry of Justice. In the shopping centre brighter street lights, a new CCTV camera and an upgraded sewer line have been installed. A community driven mosaic arts project has brought vibrancy to the paving. Planned new public seating, landscaping, rubbish bins and a stainless steel art piece will further enhance the shopping precinct.

The next stage is to develop a neighbourhood plan. The community’s dreams for the future were sought at an Elgin event held on Waitangi Day and there is continuing community consultation over the next couple of weeks.

Rachel McLean-Dewes elected Youth Advisor to Council

Rachel replaces Taimania Rickard who stepped down as the Youth Advisor to the Gisborne District Council Community Development Committee.

Council’s Youth Council Tairāwhiti Youth Voice elected Rachel to ensure youth have a voice in local affairs. Rachel is a year 13 student at Gisborne Girl’s High School and attended her first committee meeting on 13 February. Rachel will take feedback from Tairawhiti Youth Voice branches and youth in general to the committee. Councillor Manu Caddie will be Rachel’s mentor.

Environment and Policy Committee

Read the Agenda and reports from the Environment and Policy Committee(external link)

Water supplies for firefighting

New Zealand Fire Service has a code of practice setting out what a minimum supply of water pressure and volume for fire fighting should be. Since 2008 new buildings that are not connected to the Council water supply must provide 45,000 Iitres of water reserved for firefighting or install a sprinkler system. Buildings within the city boundary connected to the city water supply meet the code but for new buildings in other unreticulated areas meeting the code or practice can be unaffordable or impractical.

The committee recommends Council invites submissions on a proposed change to its Combined Regional Land and District plan to apply the NZ Fire Service code of practice to reticulated subdivisions in the Gisborne urban area only. It would also recommend that Council work with the Fire Service to educate new building owners in other areas on the benefits of having a sprinkler system or an available water supply. Early consultation on the proposed change indicated that the community value personal choice in determining how to address the risk of fire for non-reticulated dwellings.

Acknowledging Ngai Tamanuhiri and Rongowhakaata’s mana

Council has attached information acknowledging Ngai Tamanuhiri and Rongowhakaata’s mana over specified areas to its plans. These statutory acknowledgements recognise the particular cultural, spiritual, historical and traditional association of an iwi with a number of sites.

The acknowledgments have been attached to Council’s Regional Policy Statement, Combined Regional Land and District Plan and Regional Plans.

The acknowledgements will provide for iwi involvement in consenting and policy processes relating to the specified areas and ensure consent summaries are sent to the relevant iwi trustee. The statutory areas this agreement applies to can be found on Council’s website. The Nga Whakaaetanga a Ture mo Te Tairawhiti document incorporates statutory acknowledgements from Treaty of Waitangi settlement legislation within the Gisborne district. These include those of Ngati Porou, as well as Rongowhakaata and Ngai Tamanuhiri.

Operations Committee

Read the Agenda and reports from the Operations Committee(external link)

Cattle stops

A new policy has been adopted that confirms Council will maintain cattle stops on council-controlled roads. Cattle stop maintenance on public roads used by the forestry and pastoral sectors has been an issue that this policy now addresses. Maintenance will cost approximately $20,000 per year and will be funded from existing budgets.

Waikanae Public Toilets and Surf Lifesaving Club

Council will contribute $100,000 in 2015 towards the cost of an upgraded Waikanae Surf Lifesaving Club that includes public toilets. Council has been working with the Surf Lifesaving Club on the design of a new building to go at the end of Grey Street. A concept plan has been presented. The new building will complement other work in the area including the new cycle and walkway.

Finance and Monitoring Committee

Read the Agenda and reports from the Finance and Monitoring Committee(external link)

What’s in Council’s Annual Plan?

A summary of what is in Council’s draft plan for the 12 months from July 2013 will be distributed to all letter boxes from Monday 4 March. It describes how Council is focusing on putting plans into action, on time and within budget. Council proposes to collect an extra 2.5% in rates across the district, far less than proposed in the 2012-2022 Ten Year Plan.

Actual changes for individual ratepayers will depend on where they live, the value of their property and the services provided in different areas. Council’s online rates calculator provides specific details on proposed rates changes.

Consultation on the draft Annual Plan opens on 4 March with a series of Community Update meetings to be held throughout the district.