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Freshwater Plan - proposed

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Freshwater Plan - proposed

Proposed Freshwater Plan 

Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan
Decision Version August 2017

Part of the Freshwater Plan has been incorporated into the Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan (30 June 2017) see Part B6 (Freshwater Regional Policy Statement) and Part DF1 (Waipaoa Catchment Plan) of the Tairāwhiti Plan

About the plan

The Freshwater Plan guides how we use and look after fresh water in our region. It identifies the issues for fresh water and what outcomes we want to achieve.

New rules for water quality and quantity took effect when the plan was notified on 10 October 2015.

Waterways that have significant or outstanding values have been identified with particular rules in place around them. It also outlines specific planning for each catchment area, starting with the Waipaoa Catchment Plan

Freshwater Plan hearings took place between August and December 2016.


After 2 rounds of mediation Council has reached an agreement. The Environment Court has issued these consent orders:

One appeal topic remains outstanding (Appeal Topic 6, Cultural Interests).

Appeal Topic 7 (Forestry) has been withdrawn.

An updated version of the Plan will be available once the remaining consent orders are granted.

Decision on the Proposed Freshwater Plan

Council accepted the recommendations of the Hearings Panel which are set out in the 5 decision reports below along with a version of the proposed plan showing changes resulting from the decisions including maps.  
Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan - decision version August 2017 [PDF, 6 MB]

Decision report 1 [PDF, 797 KB] - RPS; Issues, Objectives and Strategic Policies
Decision report 2 [PDF, 568 KB] - Water Quantity Provisions
Decision report 3 [PDF, 581 KB] - Water Quality Provisions
Decision report 4 [PDF, 535 KB] - Section 5.5: Hazardous substances and contaminated sites; Section 6: Activities in the beds and lakes; Section 7: Riparian margins and wetlands; Schedules
Decision report 5 [PDF, 703 KB] - Catchment Plans

Proposed Plan [PDF, 6 MB] showing changes resulting from the decisions including maps 

Freshwater Plan documents

Read the Proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan - October 2015 as an eBook(external link) 

Proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan - Oct 2015 [PDF, 4.2 MB]  

Consequently changes to existing Gisborne RMA plans  
Section 32 of the RMA Report - evaluation report [PDF, 5.6 MB]

Consequential plan changes

As a result of notifying the proposed Freshwater Plan, there are consequential changes to our other plans:

• Plan change 62 - part operative Combined Regional and District Plan
• Plan change 3 - Regional Plan for Discharges to Land,Water, Waste Management and Hazardous Substances
• Plan change 3 - Regional Policy Statement
• Plan change 2 - Transitional Regional Plan

Consequential changes to existing RMA plans