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Freshwater Plan

The proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan will be publicly notified on 10 October 2015.  

The overall purpose of the plan is to guide the sustainable management of our region's rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and groundwater. It covers:

  • a new Regional Policy Statement for freshwater
  • water quantity and allocation
  • water quality and discharges to water and land
  • activities in the beds of rivers and lakes
  • riparian margins, wetlands
  • a new Waipaoa Catchment plan.

The proposed  Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan 

The proposed plan and appendices including the Section 32 evaluation, summary evaluation and changes to existing RMA plans went to the August council meeting for noting.  

National policy statement

Freshwater plan development in New Zealand is guided by the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 (NPS-FM) which was revised and came into effect on 1 August 2014. The NPS-FM is part of a series of reforms to improve freshwater management at the National level. It now includes the National Objectives Framework that directs how councils are to go about setting freshwater objectives, limits and targets.

For further information on the NPS-FM, visit Ministry for the Environment's website (external link)

Plan development

In December 2010 we set up the Freshwater Advisory Group (FWAG) a group representing a wide range of interest in water across the region.  We started developing a Freshwater Plan to help manage the availability and quality of freshwater in the Gisborne region.

Here's the meeting notes from the FWAG meetings.

We talked to the community in November 2013 and held a series of public meetings. A discussion document was prepared to summarise the key freshwater issues for the region.
The discussion document - Freshwater planning for the Gisborne region (3mb)
Summary of document - A quick reference guide to freshwater planning (2.4mb)

Background technical reports can be read on the Freshwater reports page

Freshwater plan priorities for our region

The Ministry for the Environment's video explains why it's necessary for us to prepare a Freshwater Plan for the region.

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