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Highlights from this week's committee meetings

10 Aug 2012

Highlights from this week's committee meetings

The agenda for the Community Development committee meeting(external link)

War Memorial Theatre fundraising

Work on the scoping, consultation and feasibility studies for the War Memorial Theatre has now progressed to the stage where the project is ready to apply to funders. The redevelopment will cost $7.2m of which Council have committed 30% leaving at least $5m still to be raised from external sources.

A charitable trust - War Memorial Theatre Gisborne Trust - has been formed to raise the additional $5m. Applications have been made to two major funders and the fundraising campaign was officially launched on Saturday 4 August 2012 at a gala given by Gisborne born Lyric Soprano Claire Egan.

This is the first of a series of events that the trust will co-ordinate to raise funds and raise awareness of the campaign. A second concert which will showcase young talent from the region is planned for 7 September 2012 at the War Memorial Theatre.

The agenda for the Environment and Policy committee meetings(external link)

Topics included:

Update on second Citrus Grove application

A second application has been received for a private plan for Citrus Grove. This application is to change the zone between Waikanae Creek and Aerodrome Road. Rural Industrial A zone and a new Aviation Commercial zone are proposed for this land.

The proposal to rezone land for residential development north of the Waikanae Creek has been abandoned after the original application was declined. Technical reports to support the application are being completed before the application comes to Council for a decision on whether to accept the application for notification and submissions, reject the application, or adopt the plan change as Council’s own plan change.

Downstream effects of plantation forestry harvesting

In recent years the issue of woody debris and sediment being carried downstream and affecting beaches, farmland, infrastructure and the natural environment has been raised. Staff have been liaising with forestry interests and stakeholders to reduce the adverse effects of forestry slash and other downstream effects of forestry harvesting.

A Forestry Environmental Focus Group has been established between several forestry companies, Council, New Zealand Transport Agency and the Ministry of Primary Industries.

A public forum, held on 24 July 2012 to discuss the downstream effects of forestry harvesting, was well attended. The consensus from the meeting was to form a wider reference group with membership from environmental interests, forestry industry, iwi and the farming community. The group would work on how to address downstream effects of forestry harvesting.


Council approved the establishment of a reference group who will recommend how to avoid, remedy or mitigate the adverse effects of forest harvesting.

The Chair of the Environment and Policy Committee and the Group Manager Environment and Policy, will determine the membership of the group and give fair representation of forestry, farming, environmental interests, tangata whenua and Council staff.

Eastern Escape cycle trail

Council has applied to include the route between Gisborne and Matawai, along Wharekopae Road and Te Wera Road, in the Government’s New Zealand Cycle Trail Network.

The Ministry for Economic Development supports inclusion of the route in the cycle network, subject to some minor works near the Waipaoa Bridge. Now we need a name. The name should be easy to remember, include a directional pointer to the area of the country and capture the ideas of getting out of the city, escaping day-to-day life and taking an exciting, adventurous route to the Motu Trail. A number of names have been considered.

‘Eastern Escape’ was recommended, but was not approved at the last meeting.

Staff consulted with Tourism Eastland who did not support the name ‘Eastern Escape’ because it is to close to a generic ‘tagline’ used for this region ‘Escape Out East. Further options were discussed with Tourism Eastland, the Motu Trust, the Arboretum and the New Zealand Cycle Trail project staff. Tourism Eastland support the name suggested by the New Zealand Cycle Trail ‘Rere Falls Trail’


Council decided to endorse the name ‘Rere Falls Trail’ for the cycle trail between Gisborne and Matawai.