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Huge improvement to traffic chaos

8 Aug 2019

Huge improvement to traffic chaos

Stanley road works

The safety of students and their families is now much-improved due to the recently completed safety improvement project at Gisborne Girls’ High School.

The work included the widening of Stanley Road and the installation of parallel parking on both sides of the road to create a safe zone for students and their families at pick up and drop off times.

Gisborne Girl’s High School Principal Jan Kumar said the project has made a huge improvement to the traffic chaos that can occur at the start and end of the day.

“I would like to thank Gisborne District Council for the safety improvements carried out on Stanley Road. These will impact on the safety of our students as well as others who move through that street before and after school.”

The project is part of a wider school safety prioritisation programme and funded by both Council and the NZ Transport Agency. The total cost of the project on Stanley Road was $224,404.84.

Council has worked with local schools to identify safety issues around their schools.

Approximately twenty schools were involved in developing the programme. The  programme considered school safety issues and concerns which were then assessed and ranked according.

Gisborne Girls’ High School was not the only school to receive improvements. Ngatapa School also received active warning signs, entrance changes, parking changes, dragon’s teeth and vegetation removal as part of their improvements.

Kaiti School received line marking improvements on Audred Street to assist with congestion.

Other similar projects are now being studied at other schools across Tairāwhiti.

Council Journeys road safety coordinator Di Akurangi said that “Projects such as these offer much-needed safety improvements for students and their families at peak times. The areas where children are picked up and dropped off must be safer zones.”