Lawson Field Concept

Lawson Field Theatre

Earthquake strengthening and facility improvements to the Lawson Field Theatre.

Improvements include: roof and cladding; drainage; firewall with neighbouring building; seating and access; and theatre system.

Project status

Further detailed assessment of the building found that the extent of earthquake strengthening work was more than anticipated. In December 2016 Council approved staff to seek more funding to complete a more comprehensive refurbishment as well as earthquake strengthening.

Preliminary designs have been presented to Council, and detailed designs are underway.

Council accepted a new Memorandum of Understanding for the War Memorial Trust to start fundraising on behalf of the Lawson Field Theatre.


$1.1m (current Long Term Plan) $3.1m projected costs.
$350k grant - Lotteries Commission for earthquake strengthening.
$417k grant - Ministry of Arts Culture & Health for earthquake strengthening.
Council staff will investigate community funding options

Lawson Field

About the project

What work we're doing at the same time as the earthquake strengthening work

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