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Marine oil spill in harbour

9 Feb 2016

Marine oil spill in harbour

On Sunday our marine oil spill response team was called out to blobs of oil around the harbour boat ramp and pontoon.  The team used sorbent booms and pads to soak up the oil. 

There’s a scum left in the area that’ll disperse with weather and agitation by the tide and vessels moving through the water.

We’d like to thank the Waikanae and Midway surf life savings clubs for the use of IRB crews. They worked hard all day to help us pull out and tie off booms while agitating the area to help disperse it. We appreciated their help.  Eastland Port also provided a vessel and staff to help with the clean-up. We’re fortunate the Port supported us with vessels and staff who helped minimise any damage to the environment.

Also thanks to the boaties who were inconvenienced and had to wait for booms to be removed.

The source of the oil spill is unknown.

The marine oil spill response team is made of up council staff, rural fire volunteers, port staff and members of the public who are trained by Maritime New Zealand to be able to respond to incidents.

If you ever see any oil or a sheen in the harbour, sea or rivers please ring us to report it on 0800 653 800 or 8672049 any time day or night. 

Oil Spill Response 7 Feb 2016