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Media Statement - GDC staff level challenged

26 Aug 2017

Media Statement - GDC staff level challenged

An article published in the Gisborne Herald used some misleading information regarding council staff numbers as a reaction to an article written by The Taxpayers' Union. 

Without verifying the accuracy of the Tax Payers' Union findings, the Herald published that council employs 397 staff (including students and rural firefighters). While this may make up the headcount of staff at any time, it doesn’t consider the amount of full time employees (FTE) there are. 

FTE is the sum of all the hours and expressed as the equivalent full time staff. So two people working 20 hours per week is expressed as one FTE even though there are two people. This method is a far more accurate and accepted way to measure the amount of staff hours council employs. 

Council currently employs 281 FTE’s which is directly in line with unitary council’s of similar size.

“Publishing misleading statistics doesn’t help anyone here, only creates more barriers for staff to effectively do their job,” says Council Chief Executive, Nedine Thatcher-Swann.

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