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Mobility car parks

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Mobility car parks

A mobility parking permit allows the holder to park in mobility parking spaces for the time indicated on the park.  Permit holders must make sure when using designated mobility car parks, that their permit is valid and clearly displayed.  A fine for the misuse of a mobility car park is $150.

Parking for people with limited mobility

The central business district from Customhouse Street to Derby Street has 28 specially marked mobility parks.  These parks are wider than normal for wheelchair access.  All parks have their own parking meter.   The parks are clearly marked with blue paint and wheelchair symbols painted on the road.  There is also a sign on the footpath.Mobility car park

Mobility car park location in the CBD

Most mobility car parks are located near the intersection

Street in CBD outside #
Gladstone Road 17, 22, 55, 188, 212
Gladstone Road
- double parks, 1 parallel and 1 angle
76, 101, 136, 155
Derby Street 141
Grey Street 121, 85, 82
Peel Street 37, 69, 164
Lowe Street 134
Reads Quay 60
Bright Street car park 2 parks
Library car park 1 park

Map of parking areas and restrictions in the city centre (82kb)

Who issues mobility parking permits

Council does not issue mobility parking permits.  You need to visit:

Tairawhiti CCS
7 Ormond Road, Gisborne                                            
PO Box 15, Gisborne 4040
Tel: 06 867 1249
Call free: 0800 227 2255   
Fax: 06 867 1248