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Tairawhiti Navigations - programme progress

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Tairawhiti Navigations - programme progress

The Tairāwhiti Navigations programme will be delivered for 2019 local and national commemorations. 

We're making the walkways and viewing points more vibrant and accessible, using artwork and story boards to create a heritage trail at significant sites.


Inner Harbour - Phase 1 construction is underway with the Crawford Road component complete (apart from asphalting to be done in spring). 

Construction of the second phase of the project is planned to get underway in early 2019.

ECT has agreed to re-allocate a budget of $933k funding from the Turanganui Bridge project that's currently on hold, to the inner harbour project (transferred in March 2017/18 financial year to be spent in 2018/19) as part of ECT’s full funding commitment of $3.4m to Tairāwhiti Navigations.
NZTA funding recently granted as per an announcement made by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones in March. This will cover phase 2 roading elements in 2018/19.

Titirangi summit - in April the Future Tairāwhiti Committee agreed in principle to replace the observatory with a building that will serve as a multi-purpose facility, but to retain the gun emplacement due to its historical context.

Geotechnical investigations were carried out in May and recommendations were made to July's Future Tairāwhiti meeting. Key findings included that earthworks will be required to correct instability issues around the observatory. The knoll that the observatory sits on needs to be cut down and removed to allow for a large area of suitable land to be available for a new building and possibly parking.
Council will work with Ngati Oneone to determine an appropriate place for the soil removed, in an effort to retain as much of Titirangi maunga as possible.

Titirangi restoration - the $512k external funding from the MBIE and DoC was granted in January 2018.

The Kaiti Beach track design has been completed and will be constructed in collaboration with Eastland Group, scheduled to commence mid-May.
The Homeguard track design has now commenced and scheduled to be completed by mid-May.
Weeds have been cleared through the Rakaiatane site, Pa site and church block. Further weed control has been undertaken on the bowl area of the maunga utilising funding granted by DoC.
A contractor has been engaged to start the second phase of the bowl track. Work's expected to commence once resource consent has been granted in May.
Car park upgrade design and survey work has been completed, with consultants currently reviewing parking layout and manoeuvrability

Inner harbour advisory group

February 2017 - councillors appointed to the Inner Harbour Advisory Group - Meredith Akuhata-Brown, Andy Cranston, Shannon Dowsing, Larry Foster and Malcolm MacLean.  

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