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Tairawhiti Navigations - what we're doing

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Tairawhiti Navigations - what we're doing

A cultural heritage trail through the inner harbour, Titirangi Reserve and other key sites will be developed.

The programme includes developing light infrastructure and stories at key sites in the region. Sites will be linked by walkways and paths.

Cook Landing Site

Working with Ngati Oneone and the Department of Conservation to develop this site to compliment other projects in Tairāwhiti Navigations. The project is in the concept design phase, with concept plans presented to stakeholders for feedback.

Titirangi restoration

We're working with Ngati Oneone and with the support of community groups to restore our sacred maunga (mountain).

Titirangi (Kaiti Hill) is a place special to local iwi and residents. Not only is the reserve an historic and protected archaeological site, hundreds use the tracks and road every day for recreation. The central location of the reserve makes it accessible to city residents and tourists alike.

To date we’ve completed native planting on 20 hectares of the 75 hectare site. Cost estimates to revegetate the remaining areas and maintain them over the next 3 years is $3.8m. But funding and options on how to pay for this need to be explored.

Pest control programmes are well underway with weeding already completed in the Rakaiatane planting area and on the summit pa site with more planting planned for other areas on the maunga in March and April 2018.

Titirangi Observatory and summit

The James Cook Observatory is currently closed as an earthquake prone building. There has been community support to consider use of the building. This is an opportunity to consider the whole summit of Titirangi as destination connecting with Ngati Oneone's aspirations for Titirangi. 

Concept plans have been developed. Subject to funding this could include:

• new observatory with state of the art astronomy facilities.
• a star park below the observatory that creates interaction and education of the stars
• upgrade of the top car park and surrounding landscape.
• historical interpretation stories depicting the journeys of our great navigators.

There will be future engagement with the community and key stakeholders as the plans progress.

Observatory Concept 2017

Artist concept - Star Park Observatory

Turanganui Bridge and slipway 

Tairāwhiti Navigations Governance Group comprising of Iwi chairs, Te Ha, Historic Places Trust, Eastland Group, Eastland Community Trust representatives and councillors met in December 2017. At this meeting members supported the decision that the Turanganui Bridge project does not proceed at this time (remains as a concept only). There may be an opportunity to proceed at a future time, such as once Eastland Port’s training wall has been strengthened and better walkway connections to the bridge can be supported.

The Turanganui Bridge will provide access to the closest site we now have to the sacred Te Toka a Taiau/ao (where the port’s slipway is in the middle of the harbour).  The concept is about recognising the significance of this site to iwi as well as being the place where Maori and European first met in 1769.

Inner harbour

The first phase of construction work continues with contractors replacing water and wastewater pipes. Work also includes a new car park adjacent to the Plunket building and the redevelopment of The Works car park. This phase will be completed in May.

In partnership with Eastland Port we're redeveloping the inner harbour as part of this programme. 

The vision for the inner harbour is to transform the area into a vibrant hub in-line with other prime waterfront locations around the country. 

Subject to funding features of the upgrade will include a reinvigorated esplanade walkway, consisting of green spaces filled with native plants, trees and better accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. There will be more furniture, upgraded parking facilities and improved lighting.

Inner Harbour Proposed Features [PDF, 7.8 MB]

Connecting walkways

The navigations walkway will connect from Oneroa past the proposed Hawaiki Turanga, through the inner harbour to Cook Landing site and up to the summit of Titirangi.  

An existing network of walkways will also connect navigations with the Tairāwhiti Museum and riverbank walkways.  

Gladstone Road Bridge

Work is underway for pedestrian improvements to the Gladstone Road Bridge. This will provide safe access to the inner harbour from the CBD and connect to the cycle and walkway network. For more information see Wainui to city cycleway 

Titirangi Reserve (Kaiti Hill)

A network of tracks that will be extended and upgraded. The key features will be a track running from Te Poho-o-Rawiri marae to the summit of Kaiti Hill, a track from the harbour to the Waiahuia cottage site that provides an outlook to the Cook memorial monument, pedestrian link from Esplanade Road to Crawford Road, upgrade and landscaping at the Cook Landing site.

Gladstone Road Bridge

Artist impression - Gladstone Road Bridge

Artist Impression The Esplanade

Artist impression - The Esplanade

Artist Impression Works Carpark

Artist impression - Works car park

Artist Impression Soho Carpark

Artist impression - Soho car park

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