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New walking tracks for Makorori headland

25 Oct 2012

New walking tracks for Makorori headland

Council will be extending the walking tracks on Makorori Headland. The new tracks will link existing pathways on the headland to the Department of Conservation’s Okitu Bush Reserve. Resource consent has been approved and work will start in the next month.

Makorori Headland is a beautiful and well-used reserve, says reserves supervisor Jenny Allen. “With views up the east Coast as far as Tolaga Bay on a clear day and right across Wainui Beach, it is a spectacular place for locals and visitors to spend some time and is only 10 minutes from the city.”

The extended tracks will make it safer for people using the headland tracks to cross State Highway 35 to visit Okitu Bush. The new tracks have been in the pipeline since the W D Lysnar & Wainui Beach Reserves Management Plan was approved in 2008. The plan stipulated a new track on Makorori Headland, starting opposite the Okitu Bush car park and linking to existing track, should be developed to increase the recreation flow between the 2 reserves and improve public safety.

A stairwell will be installed for track users to get up the bank from the highway. New Zealand Transport Agency are supporting the project and have requested that safety rails and signage be used to prevent track users from rushing out onto the highway once they get to the bottom of the stairs.  “Currently people walk along the highway between the 2 reserves. Considering the amount of heavy traffic on this stretch of open road, that can be extremely dangerous. No tracks will be closed while the new routes are installed.”

Makorori headland new tracks

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