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Gisborne District Council - resource consent application

Application number



Waipaoa River

Legal description


Gisborne District Council

Address for service

Consents applied for

Land Use


Develop sections of the stopbanks as a public trail for cycling and walking

Cover letter

Application Forms

WFCS Resource Consent Application

Appendix 1 WFCS Stopbanks

Appendix 2.1 Schedule of Land Ownership

Appendix 2.2 Land Tenure Plans

Appendix 3.1 Statutory Plans Relevant Rules

Appendix 3.2 Part 1 District Plan Zones

Appendix 3.2 Part 2 District Plan Zones

Appendix 3.2 Part 3 District Plan Zones

Appendix 4 Waipaoa Asset Report

Appendix 5 NESCS PSI Report

Appendix 6 Consultation Information

Appendix 7 Landscape Statement

Appendix 8 Archaeology

Appendix 9 Draft CEMP

Appendix 10 Erosion and Sediment Control

Appendix 11 Statutory Acknowledgement

Appendix 12 Location of Large Culverts

Exact location - Waipaoa River - Left and right banks from the river mouth up to approximately 600m north of McMillan Road (adjacent to SH2) and including sections along the Te Arai River and Whakaahu Stream tributaries

Further Information

GDC letter from Joss Ruifrok dated 26 September 2017

Proposed Mitigation Measures - Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Response to Submissions - September 2017

GDC letter Clarification of Areas - Meeting held 19 and 20 October 2017

GDC Desktop analysis of fish Barriers in the Waipaoa Flood Control Upgrade Scheme

DHI letter from Greg Whyte - Peer Review of Waipaoa Hydraulic Model

Response to emails on the proposed upgrade of the Waipaoa River stopbanks

In Situ Archaeological Assessment Report dated September 2017

Sec.42A Report and technical reports

Sec.42A Waipaoa Planning Report FINAL

Kouvelis Technical Memo FINAL

WFCS Technical Memo FINAL

All submissions

Additional information supporting application

Waipaoa RFCS Channel Bank and Stop Bank Integrity

HBRC (2009) 2-Dimensional Waipaoa River Hydrodynamic Analysis

Applicants Technical Evidence

Statement of Technical Evidence by Joss Ruifrok

Statement of Technical Evidence of Craig Goodier

Statement of Evidence by Stella Morgan

Planning Evidence Draft Conditions

Planning Evidence Draft CEMP

Planning Evidence WRFCS Arch Assmt Sept 2017

Submitters Technical Evidence

Statement of Evidence of David Peacock

Wi Pere Evidence of Alan Haronga

Wi Pere Evidence of David Peacock

Wi Pere Evidence of Gerard Willis

New Information

Waipaoa Further Report

Waipaoa Design Flood Hydrodynamic Analysis

Affect of Flooding  on Various Land-Uses

Updated Planning Assessment

Updated Landscape Assessment

Draft CEMP

Caucusing Statement


Waipaoa Supplementary S42A Planning Report


Applicants  Supplementary Evidence

Supplementary Hydraulic Modelling Evidence

Supplementary Landscape Evidence

Supplementary Planning Evidence

Supplementary Evidence by the Applicant

Submitters Supplementary Evidence

Supplementary Evidence - Dave Peaock

Evidence presentations at Hearing

Joss Ruifrok

Rachel Zame

Brian Kouvelis

Right of Reply

Submissions in Reply

Draft Conditions


Final Decision

Final Conditions









Date notified


Submissions close


Public notice


Todd Whittaker

Hearing date





Submissions received

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