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On Your Property

Information and services that can affect your property.

Animals - pets, stock, pests

Dogs and stock control,keeping - bees, pigs, poultry, animal pests - cats, possums, rabbits Insect pests - ants, bees, wasps

Building consent

Building forms and pamphlets, information on fireplaces, swimming pools and consent fees

Consents & permits

Building consent, LIM - land information memorandum, resource consent, trade waste, work in road reserve


Register your dog, adopt a dog, lost and found dogs, exercise areas


Advice and information on fences

Fire permits

Fire permit request form, information about fire season, incinerators, hangi


Advice to remove and report tagging


Home heating, building, rental units

Noise control

Being a good neighbour, excessive noise, seized equipment


Animal pests, insect pests, plant pests

Property search - Tairāwhiti Maps

Find property details including rates, title ownership


Paying your rates, rate remissions, postponement scheme, rebate scheme, valuations

Resource consent

Resource consent forms, notified consents, development contribution, submissions

Recycling collection

Recycling kerbside collection and options to recycle

Refuse and recycling collection

Rubbish kerbside collection, rubbish stickers, transfer stations


Agrichemical spraying

Stock control

Report wandering stock 24/7 – phone 0800 653 800


Stormwater and our environment, protect our waterways

Swimming pool

Definition of a pool
Pool safety checklist
Do all pools need to be fenced?


Neighbours trees, planting trees, removing trees

Water supply

Council water supply, private water tank, cleaning a water tank, water education resources


Sewage, blocked drain, new connection, maintenance, septic tanks

Utility services - before you dig

Locate pipes and cables before you dig

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