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Oval Reserve

Opening Hours

Open 24 hours
Toilets are only open during sports times

Stanley Road, Gisborne

How to get there

You can access The Oval from Roebuck Road, Stanley Road and Anzac Street.

Things to do

  • Cricket - Cricket
  • Rugby - Rugby
  • Toilets - Toilets

Things you can't do

  • No Camping - X No Camping
  • No Dogs - X No Dogs
  • No Fire - X No Fires

About Oval Reserve

The main recreational use of the Oval is cricket in summer and rugby in winter. The Oval is also used for touch rugby training and competition.

There are sports clubrooms on the boundary of the reserve and Anzac Street. They are Pirates, High School Old Boys and OBM rugby clubs.

Book a sports field or hold an event

To book The Oval for an event or training - use our online booking form

Reserve management plan

Read the sports park management plan


Council took over ownership and management of the Oval in 1968 from the rugby union, giving them a 28-year rent free lease. Prior to this and until the development of Rugby Park and Harry Barker Reserve, the Oval was the premier venue in the Gisborne area for all major rugby and cricket matches.