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Waiteata Park

Opening Hours

Russell Street and Richardson Avenue

How to get there

On Russell Street with a car park on Richardson Avenue

Things to do

  • Picnic Table - Picnic Tables
  • Playground - Playground

Things you can't do

  • No Camping - X No Camping
  • No Dogs - X No Dogs
  • No Fire - X No Fires

About Waiteata Park

Waiteata Park is enjoyed because of its natural character, it's a treasured neighbourhood reserve with play equipment, plenty of open space, picnic tables and a car park.

Events on the park

To book Waiteata Park for an event - use the online booking form

Reserve management plan

Read the reserve management plan for Waiteata Park


Waiteata Park was purchased by the Council in 1909. It takes its name from the stream which runs diagonally through it; the Maori name Wai-te-ata translated into English means “the clear gently flowing water”. It has been used for a number of different purposes over the years. During World War II the land was used for grazing and cropping, and in 1921 netball was played at the park.

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