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Owning more than one dog

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Owning more than one dog

Gisborne District Council requires that you must have a permit to keep more than one dog on a property. The only exception is if the dogs are classed as working dogs.

You must apply for a permit even if different dogs are owned by different people on the same property.

The requirements for approval of a permit application

You need the consent of all the neighbours who adjoin your property.

If you're renting or leasing the property, you need consent from your property owner.

If you don't get all your neighbours’ signatures, you cannot apply for a permit. Sometimes a neighbour may refuse consent for an irrelevant reason, so please tell us if this is the case.

The permit is issued subject to standard conditions. If you do not meet these conditions, we may withdraw your permit.

Once you have the permit, you only need to apply for a new permit if you change address.

Forms and more information

Application form - Permit to keep more than one dog

Bylaw - Gisborne District Dog Control Bylaw 2010

Policy - Dog Control Policy 2010