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Parking to be monitored at Barry Park after complaints

4 May 2010

Parking to be monitored at Barry Park after complaints

Council is asking players and supporters who use Barry Park to park legally even though this may mean parking further away. Council has received complaints from neighbours of Barry Park about the number of vehicles that are parked in front of their driveway when Barry Park is being used for games or practice. “Property owners must be able to enter and exit their property as they need without the ongoing issue of vehicles blocking their access,” said council parking team leader Paul Stuart.

“Illegal parking around sports grounds has been an issue for decades. Council wants to work with users of sports grounds encouraging them to park considerately. However Barry Park residents have had enough and enforcement measures are now required.”

Areas where parking is not permitted have recently been repainted with broken yellow lines and a tow away sign has been installed. As from Tuesday 3 May anyone parking in front of an entrance driveway or over broken yellow lines will receive a warning notice informing drivers that they have parked illegally. Digital photos of the offending vehicles will be kept by council.

“We believe it is appropriate to issue warning notices for the first week as Illegal parking at sports grounds has not been policed for some time. After that full infringement notices will be issued with a zero tolerance policy,” Mr Stuart added.

Offending vehicles found to be parked illegally the following week will be issued with a $40 infringement notice if parked over a driveway or $60 if parked on the broken yellow lines. Vehicles also risk being towed away if they continue to park illegally. 

“The problem area council is initially looking at is the park end of Palmerston Road and Barry Avenue. There are a limited number of parking spaces available close to the grounds so people need to be prepared to park within a reasonable walking distance.”