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Parking ticket

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Parking ticket

You can pay a Gisborne District Council issued parking ticket in full: 

Online using QuickPay with a debit or credit card.  Pay online
• Cash or eftpos at our customer service in Fitzherbert Street or Te Puia Springs  
• electronic banking - to account Westpac 03 0638 0502288 00 quote the infringement notice number and vehicle registration. 
• "swift" code for overseas payments - WPACNZ2W

The parking ticket must be paid in full, you cannot pay if off by instalments.  If the ticket goes to court, arrangements must be made with the court for instalment payments.

A reminder notice is sent out after 28 days if the ticket remains unpaid. If you wish to provide an explanation - fill in the form below.

The ticket holder will have a further 28 days to pay. 

If payment is not received in 56 days, the ticket will go to court and a further $30 'court filing fee" is added to the ticket amount.

Speeding fines are issued by the police can be paid at any Westpac bank.

If you receive a ticket and want to:  

Change any contact details or vehicle ownership details, or 

Provide an explanation of the offence or ticket - you need to put your request in writing. 

Complete the Statement of Explanation - Parking Ticket [PDF, 108 KB] 
This form is a writable PDF, please save it to your computer first before you fill it in and email it to us. 

You can email us, write a letter or come to the customer services counter to fill in an explanation form.  See our contact details
You need to quote the parking ticket number and provide any supporting documents such as a WoF document or vehicle registration receipt.

If you want to advise us of a change of ownership, you must provide a copy of the change of ownership form or the full name, address and a contact phone number of the new owner.

Address your request to the Senior Parking Officer.  You should receive written notice of the decision within 3 weeks from when we receive your request.

Parking ticket questions and answers

What if I want to dispute my ticket?
You need to provide an explanation in writing, see above.

What happens if my car received a ticket, but I was not driving it at the time?
You need to give us the full name, residential address details and date of birth of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued.  We need this in writing.  We will then send the notice to that person.

Why did I get a reminder notice when I had sold the vehicle prior to the issue of the parking ticket?
The responsibility for notifying a change of ownership is shared by both the seller and purchaser. Have you completed your portion of the change of ownership?

Can I pay my parking ticket without the ticket?
Yes, we just need your name and vehicle registration number. 

How do I know if the payment has been received?
You can contact customer service 

What happens when a parking ticket goes to Court?
The responsibility for the collection of parking fees is the Department of Justice, who will send out a notice of fine.

What types of parking tickets do you accept payment for?
All parking tickets issued by Gisborne District Council.