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There are about 1000 free all-day car parking spaces available within easy walking distance of Gladstone Road. 

How much does it cost to park in the CBD?

Fee $2 per hour mostly and the time limit is 2 hours.  Check the pay and display machine in the area.

What is the time limit in the CBD?

The maximum time is 2 hours unless otherwise stated on parking signs.  Check the pay and display machines for more information.

Parking spaces allowing 8 hours metered parking is $1 per hour.

Can pay & display tickets be used in another car park? 

There are 2 colours of tickets:
Blue tickets - dispensed where a 2 hour parking restriction applies.  Tickets cost $2 per hour and may be used in any area where pay parking is in operation, including stand-alone parking meters.
Red tickets - dispensed and can only be used in the same area. Tickets cost $1 per hour.

Where is all day parking available near town?

Parts of:

  • Childers Road
  • Customhouse Street
  • Palmerston Road
  • Derby Street - only part of
  • Most streets beyond Derby Street towards Roebuck Road

Check for parking signs, some have time limits, otherwise it is all day.

Where are the council car parks?

  • Behind the Library in Bright Street - $1 per hour
  • Behind Farmers in Bright and Grey Street - $1 per hour
  • War Memorial Theatre in Bright Street - free

Free parking near town

  • War Memorial Theatre car park - Bright Street
  • Customhouse Street - part of
  • Childers Road - part of
  • Side streets from Derby Street to Roebuck Road

Clearway zones in the CBD

Clearways or 'no parking' are marked by signs a bright blue broken line painted on the road next to the kerb. Clearways operate from Monday to Sunday 11pm to 5am in:

  • Peel Street between Gladstone Road and Childers Road
  • Gladstone Road between Lowe Street and Customhouse Street

Any unoccupied vehicle parked in a clearway will get a $60 fine and will be towed. The owner has to make arrangements with the towage firm to get their vehicle back. This is over and above the $60 infringement fine.

More information about parking

Parking Fees and Charges [PDF, 347 KB]

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