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Plan changes and variations

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Plan changes and variations

Anyone can make a submission on a plan change.  Your submission must be made before the closing time and date on the plan change or variation. Each plan change has its own submission form.  For information about how to make a submission

Plan change 60 - Ambiguous rules | Plan change 61 - Rectify rules | Plan Change 62 | Plan Change 56

  • Plan change 60 - Clarifying ambiguous rules

    Proposed Plan Change 60 to the Combined Regional Plan and District Plan (District Plan) seeks to clarify a number of ambiguous rules as well as correcting several rules that contain errors. The proposed plan change also seeks to make habitable buildings a ‘permitted activity’ in the Flood Hazard Overlay 5 subject to conditions, instead of its current ‘restricted discretionary’ status.

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  • Plan change 61 - Rectifying rules with conflicting activity status

    Proposed Plan Change 61 to the Combined Regional Plan and District Plan (District Plan) seeks to rectify several instances where rules inadvertently result in conflicting activity statuses and to ensure that the Chapter 8 (Infrastructure Works and Services) is appropriately included in the matters restricted for discretion in Chapters 17, 18 and 19 of the District Plan.

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  • Plan Change 62 - changes due to Freshwater Plan

    Plan change 62 proposes deleting the provisions related to:

    These provisions are replaced by the Proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan
    The proposed changes are shown as a strike through for deletions and underlining for new provisions.

    Please note that under section 86A of the RMA, Council can still give weight to the relevant objectives and policies in this plan until the Freshwater Plan becomes operative (when decisions are made). This does not apply to the rules. 

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  • Plan Change 56 - Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice

    The consent order has now been finalised, The adopted changes are now amended in Chapter 8 of the combined regional land and district plan.

    A solution has been agreed between the parties. This will result in the plan change being confirmed subject to the inclusion of an advice note in the combined regional land and district plan, this will be formalised through a consent order as soon as practical.

    Council adopted the recommendation of the Hearings Committee in regard to Plan Change 56, however as the plan change is under appeal with the appellants seeking more restrictive provisions (as currently in the Combined Regional Land and District Plan), Council must consider both sets of provisions when considering development proposals. This effectively means that to ensure a development can proceed the development should be in accordance with the New Zealand Fire Service Firefighting Water Supply Code of Practice SNZ4509:2008.

    As a result of Plan Change 56, the District Plan would only require new subdivisions within the Reticulated Services Boundary to meet the Code. The previous rules required both reticulated and unreticulated developments to meet the Code.

    The Code can be met in a number of ways, including connecting to the Council reticulated water supply, by installing in-home sprinklers, by having an on-site water supply (usually around of 45,000 liters) or a combination of the above. In an unreticulated water supply area this has meant that individual house owners have to put in sufficient water supply to fully meet the requirements of the Code in addition to their own domestic water needs.

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