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Plastic recycling changes come into effect

28 May 2019

Plastic recycling changes come into effect

Recycling sticker NR

Waste Management staff have begun applying stickers to all recycling bins to inform the community what can go out with kerbside recycling.

As of 1 June, only grades 1 and 2 plastics can be recycled. Grades 3 to 7 need to go in with general rubbish.

With no means of recycling grades 3- 7 plastic, these materials take up to 500 years to deteriorate. They end up at landfill, and, due to careless dumping, in oceans and waterways.

The move should encourage households to make an effort to reduce plastic waste and also improve general recycling habits.

Considerable volumes of waste in recycling bins cannot be accepted due to food contamination. Our new recycling bin stickers reminds the public on best practices for recycling:

  • Wash – plastics, glass and tins
  • Squash – plastics and cardboard
  • Lids-off - lids go in with rubbish

We encourage the community to make packaging a factor in their purchasing decisions. Check the number inside the triangle on the bottom of a product before you buy, and if it can’t be recycled, consider alternatives that can.

Here's more information on kerbside recycling
(external link)

PHOTO: Waste Management kerbside collector Huri Kahaki with a recycling bin featuring the new ‘wash, squash, lids-off’ stickers