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Plastic swaps in the kitchen

18 Sep 2019

Plastic swaps in the kitchen

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Following changes to plastic recycling and increased awareness of plastic pollution, more Tairāwhiti households are trying cut back on it wherever possible. The kitchen can be rife with plastic, so here’s a few tips to help inspire positive changes . . .

-Buy in bulk – bring your own reusable bags, old ziplock bags or bottles and buy in bulk to avoid plastic packaging.

-Make the switch from a plastic dish scrubbing brush to a wooden, bamboo or coconut fibre option. When you’re done they can be composted or burnt.

-Ditch the detergent – there are loads of DIY recipes online using accessible, natural ingredients. Alternatively you can take your bottle in to be refilled at several outlets in town, or invest in a soap shaker that will last a lifetime.

-Swap plastic film wrap for beeswax wraps

-Bring your own produce bags to the supermarket

-Opt for reusable washcloths instead of the plastic sponges which contain microfibers that are harmful to waterways.

-Use glass containers (or jars) for food storage

-Invest in a couple of keep cups so you can take one on the go with you and avoid single-use coffee cups.