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Pools, presents and fences

1 Dec 2017

Pools, presents and fences

A swimming pool may seem the perfect present for the kids for Christmas but it can come with hidden costs.

Any pool that can hold more than 400mm of water requires a fence with a gate that will close automatically to kept littlies safe.

Building services manager Ian Petty says the need to fence is often overlooked, particularly with the cheaper pools.

“I saw a $149 pool the other day, but the fence for that would cost at least another $1500, and that's often forgotten,” says Ian.

The consent costs $328 but this is inclusive of the site visit to ensure the fence complies.

“We're always happy to talk to people about it too. If there's an accident – and no-one wants that – the Police will always investigate, so it's not just the health and safety act to consider, but also that it's viewed very seriously by the law as well.”

The fence consent is turned around by Council in 5-10 working days. A code of compliance certificate will be issued after a site visit to check that everything is as it should be.

Pools that are 1200mm high with sides that cannot be climbed do not require a fence.

Here's all the necessary information about pools and fencing

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