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Prevent dogs from roaming

19 Feb 2016

Prevent dogs from roaming

A recent spate of calls reporting roaming dogs has initiated changes for how animal control responds to call-outs and an appeal to dog owners to keep your dog contained.

The main concern from residents reporting roaming dogs was that animal control was not sending out staff quick enough to catch the dog.

We take reports of roaming dogs seriously. The focus of improvements includes how calls are assessed and what triggers an urgent response.

“If a dog is reported as aggressive or menacing we attend the call-out immediately and don’t advise anyone to approach or catch the dog,” says animal control team leader John Gordon.

“For roaming dogs we have to prioritise,” says Mr Gordon.

“We will respond to roaming dogs, but containing the threat of aggressive animals takes first priority”

“If you catch a dog that’s been roaming we can pick it up straight away.”

Roaming dog complaints make up the majority of calls that animal control receive.

“We would like to remind dog owners that they are responsible for their pets,”

“It’s important that all dog owners are doing their part, keeping their animals inside their property.”

We advise people:

  • Never attempt to restrain a menacing dog and call animal control immediately.
  • If you find a dog that is friendly, non-threatening and you feel comfortable restraining it, then call animal control and we can try to locate its owners or collect the dog from you.

All dog owners have responsibilities to:

  1. register their dog/s at 3 months of age and every year after;
  2. provide for the health and well being of their dog;
  3. keep their dogs under control when in a public place, particularly in and near places frequented by children;
  4. ensure their dog doesn’t cause a nuisance to neighbours and other people by persistent and loud barking or howling;
  5. keep their dog under direct control or confined on their property so it doesn’t wander or become lost;
  6. pick up any faeces left by their dog in public places or on land not occupied by the dog owner;
  7. take all reasonable steps to ensure their dog doesn’t injure, endanger, intimidate, or otherwise cause distress to children and other people so that the public can use streets and public amenities without fear of attack or intimidation;
  8. take all reasonable steps to ensure their dog doesn’t injure, endanger or cause distress to any stock, poultry, domestic animal, or protected wildlife and is kept out of prohibited areas;
  9. ensure their dog doesn’t damage or endanger any property belonging to other people;
  10. provide for the training, exercise and recreational needs of their dogs.

Read the Dog Control Policy 2010 

Animal control will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us on 0800 653 800 or 867 2049.