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Progress on Alfred Cox Skate Park redevelopment

7 Aug 2019

Progress on Alfred Cox Skate Park redevelopment

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Skate park design specialists will be engaged to prepare a concept design for a proposed upgrade of the Alfred Cox Skate Park.

Today Council’s Community Development and Services Committee confirmed its support for a skate park user group that is aiming to progress the park redevelopment.

The committee also approved the preparation of a concept design, in collaboration with users and supporters of the skate park.

Skate park advocate Shane Kingsbeer presented to a Council in June, asking that they consider the redevelopment of the skate park a priority.

He said if a concept design was undertaken, it would enable further discussions with iwi, key stakeholders and external funders.

Skate park design is a specialised field and the estimated cost for the concept design is $40,000. This will be funded from Council’s sports grounds facilities upgrades and renewals budget.

Once the concept design is complete, there will be considerable costs if the project is to proceed.  This will be reliant on external funding and Council consideration through the next Long Term Plan process. 

The project would be subject to prioritisation against other community projects also identified under Tairawhiti’s Community Facilities Strategy.

The skate park is one of Council’s most used facilities but has had very little investment in recent years, aside from safety repairs.

User surveys were carried out in 2017 which showed strong support for improvements to the facility.

The Community Facilities Strategy and Sports Facilities Plan also identifies skate boarding and scootering as popular recreation activities in Tairawhiti, with up to 21 percent youth participation rates.