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Rates and valuation information

Rates and valuation search

Search a Gisborne property's rates and valuation details.

Covid-19 Relief Options

Rate relief options include a payment plan, defer your rates, rate remission.

Let's Talk Rates

Proposed changes to how we allocate rates. Feedback closes 14 October

Rate remissions

Rate remission policies and application forms

Rates rebate scheme

Low income homeowners can apply for a rebate

Paying your rates

All the ways you can pay your rates instalments.

Water meter rates

Commercial, industrial, rural domestic users are charged for water.

What your rates pay for

A guide to what you pay for. General Rates, UAGC, SUIP explained

EasyPay by Direct Debit

Application form and deduction options

Rating valuations

We revalue properties every 3 years for rating purposes

Rates eNotice

Sign up to receive your rates invoice by email.

Rating Information Database

Request to have your name confidential on the RID register

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