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Recycling bins: How full is overfull?

11 Nov 2019

Recycling bins: How full is overfull?

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About 14,000 Gisborne households have their recycling collected every week and on average, about 200 are rejected at kerbside – mainly because they are overfilled.

So how full is overfull? If products are stacked or protruding above the lip of the bin, it is overfilled and will be rejected.

Our contractors Waste Management will collect as much kerbside recycling as possible, but it must be correctly presented. Overfilled bins have an impact on driver health and safety, as well as the environment.

Drivers pick up the bins to sort them so when they’re overfilled, unsecured items can spill out onto the road, resulting in smashed glass and other recycling blowing away.

As a consequence waste needlessly ends up in our drains and waterways.

Avoid overfilled bins by ensuring plastic bottles, tins and cans are squashed and cardboard is flattened and placed underneath the bin.

If you find one recycling bin isn’t enough, you can buy an additional one from Council customer services for $10.

When using two bins, keep glass separate in one and all other recycling in the other.

Alternatively, you can drop off excess recycling at the transfer station on Innes Street for free.


ADDITIONAL INFO - ratepayers are charged just $2.32 per week for one rubbish bag and recycling to be collected from their property.