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Regional policy statement

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Regional policy statement

Plan Change 3 proposes deleting chapter 3 - Water Management and moving coastal water provisions to chapter 6 - Coastal Management.

The deleted provisions are replaced by the Proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan.
The proposed changes are shown as a strike-through for deletions and underlining for new provisions.

Please note that under section 86A of the RMA, Council can still give weight to the objectives and policies that are proposed for deletion until the Freshwater Plan becomes operative (when decisions are made). This does not apply to the rules.

Plan change 2 to the Regional Policy Statement proposes new objectives, policies and methods relating to the Transpower transmission network. For information see Plan Change 54 to the District Plan.

The Regional Policy Statement is to assist Gisborne District Council to promote the sustainable management of the region's natural and physical resources. It is expected to achieve this by:

  • providing an overview of the resource management issues of the region; and
  • setting out policies and methods to achieve integrated management of the regions natural and physical resources.

Natural and physical resources include land, water, air, soil, minerals and energy, all forms of plants and animals and all structures.

Regional Policy Statement  [PDF, 1.7 MB]

The statement became operative on 10 August 2002.

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