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Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-21

The draft Gisborne Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-2021 sets out the principles and policies to guide the provision of public transport in the Gisborne region.

The Plan also specifies the public transport services Council proposes to provide in the region, and how those services will be funded. The Plan is also a means for encouraging regional councils and public transport operators to work together.

We are looking for your views and suggestions on the routes, fare structure, and any other areas where you believe our public transport system should be improved and why.

Draft Gisborne Regional Public Transport Plan 2018-21 [PDF, 1.8 MB]

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We would like your feedback on: 

Do we have the right objectives and policies in the Plan to deliver an efficient and sustainable public transport network in Gisborne?

Are there transport issues or opportunities that haven’t been identified or addressed in the Plan?

What public transport matters are important to you and why?

Is there anything in the Plan that you think is great and would like to support?

Make a submission on the online form. Submissions close Friday 20 April 2018.


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