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Release of new tsunami maps

19 Dec 2019

Release of new tsunami maps

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Council are pleased to be able to release a new Tsunami Inundation Assessment Report and maps showing inundation zones for our region.

The report has been released today on our website following a process of peer review over 2019, the final review by GNS Science initially scheduled for February 2020 was completed this week.

Council as the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group approved publishing the report following confirmation that the information met the required national standard for tsunami modelling. 

The report and maps are based on new research into modelling of a local tsunami generated from a magnitude 8.9 earthquake centered in the Hikurangi Subduction Zone off the East Coast.

Chief Executive, Nedine Thatcher-Swann says a final review was requested to give assurance that the zones that could be affected by a local tsunami meet national guidelines.

“The review of the report ensures we can give our community greater confidence in the information and identify as accurately as possible those areas and people who could be affected.”

The maps will be the basis of a readiness campaign aimed at educating affected communities, residents and businesses to prepare and rehearse evacuation plans.

“As a region we are vulnerable to tsunami of any size at any time, it’s crucial we all have a plan and know what to do based on the new information. As we come together over Christmas this is a good time to talk about evacuation plans and preparing emergency kits.” says Ms Thatcher-Swann.

“We will continue to enjoy our beaches over the summer, but please remember the message – if there’s an earthquake that’s long OR strong, get gone – get to higher ground immediately or as far inland as possible.”

Here's the report and inundation maps
Questions and answers about the inundation zones.

Evacuation routes will be added to the maps as soon as we have them.