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Road Information

We provide information on Gisborne district local roads.Twitter(external link) 
You can follow us on Twitter for updates to road conditions(external link)

Temporary road closures

Road closures for events are advertised on our public notices

State highways

For state highways (SH 2 Wairoa south, Opotiki north and SH35 via the coast) please visit NZTA's website(external link)  

Local road information

Road Location Status Verified Comments Expected resolution Updated Maps/Photo
Armstrong Road 2 - 4km mark Caution Verified One lane only - temporary traffic lights in place To be advised 20 Sep 2018
08:55 am
Motu Road Caution Verified 4 x 4 only To be advised 10 Sep 2018
08:32 am
Wairere Road (Mangatu) At the 300RP mark Caution Verified 40cm deep drop out or slump across half of road To be advised 13 Sep 2018
02:23 pm
Wharekopae Road Between 4428 and 4914 just before culvert 234 Caution Verified Road has dropped and has a crack through it To be advised 13 Sep 2018
04:28 pm
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