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Maintenance Q&As

Reporting problems

Tell us about any problems with our roads, footpaths, street lights etc.  
You can contact us 24 hours 7 days 

Q&As about our road network

Sealed Roads

How do I get a pedestrian crossing for my street?

Requests for pedestrian, zebra or courtesy crossings are assessed by a safety engineer. A range of factors will be considered when deciding if a pedestrian crossing needs to be installed. This criteria will range from site to site, but the following are considered:

  • pedestrian numbers crossing the road per hour
  • traffic volumes
  • surrounding speed limits
  • other traffic calming measures in the area
  • local transport priorities and strategic plans 

Requests for pedestrian crossings will be entered as a request for service and you can expect to be contacted within 3 business days.

What is chip seal or asphalt?

To keep our roads safe and maintained, we sometimes need to rebuild support layers (pavement) and the surface (chip seal or asphalt).  Resurfacing involves spreading stone chip over a layer of hot sprayed bitumen.  The new seal can take some time to settle down and extra care is required due to loose chip and sticky bitumen.

Our contractors take every precaution to avoid splashing bitumen, but if you get any small spots on your vehicle, it can be removed with kerosene or baby oil.  If your vehicle gets splashed with cement, please wash it off as soon as possible.

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Unsealed Roads

What's a paper road?

A paper road (also referred to as an unformed road) is a road that hasn't been formed as a recognisable, surfaced road. 

They were mostly established in the early years of New Zealand settlement. They have often not been "pegged out" on the ground. They have the same legal status as any other public road. The public have the right to use these roads. Most case law has found that councils are not responsible for maintaining paper roads but they must provide rights of passage.

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About our network

What is our local network made up of?

Our district has

  • 1889 km of road, 851km sealed and 1,038km unsealed 
  • 223km of footpaths
  • 399 bridges and large culverts
  • 3,703 street lights
  • 5,933 signs
  • 2 traffic signals 
Can I fly a drone over a road or footpath?

We allow the flying of drones or unmanned aircraft over council-owned land including roads and footpaths.
Read the policy flying drones and other unmanned aircraft

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