Secondhand Sunday

Secondhand Sunday

Chance to give away household items

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Secondhand Sunday

Secondhand Sunday will be held on the first Sunday of every month except January.

Secondhand Sunday is a chance to give away household items you no longer want.  You can also collect items you want from others for free.

The list of addresses for Secondhand Sunday is posted on our Facebook page, the Saturday before the event.
You can also add your address to the post - our Facebook Page(external link)

What items you can put out

You can put out any items except food and dangerous goods (chemicals, faulty electrical equipment, firearms) and definitely no rubbish.

What you need to do

Fill in the online form to register your address

We need to know by the Thursday before the Sunday, so we can advertise your address.

On the day

Put the items together in a neat pile, either at your letterbox or next to your driveway.

At 12noon remove the sign and pack-up any items not taken.

It's your responsibility to remove anything not taken.  If you leave it outside your property boundary then you are in breech of the dumping rubbish bylaw.

Tips for collectors of secondhand Sunday stuff 

Only take items from properties advertised.

Only collect between 9am - 12noon, no earlier.

Do not enter the property; the items should be at the front gate.

We recommend that you check anything you collect to make sure it's safe.

What to do with the leftover stuff

After 12noon you must take the items back inside your property.

If you want to get rid of them - read Recycle unwanted items

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