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Selling food - stall holder licence

You may only sell food at a market or event if you have a licence issued by Gisborne District Council. 

Food stall at an event or festival

If you intend to have a stall at an organised event or festival such as a school gala, food festival etc you need to apply for a licence.

Print the application form and health requirements. Event and Festival Food Stall [PDF, 72 KB]

Fundraising or charitable purposes

Charitable organisations may prepare food at home for fundraising purposes, but are strictly limited to the sale of:

  • cakes
  • sausage sizzles
  • fresh fruit and vegetable produce. 

All the profit must be donated to the charitable organisation - not for personal gain.

Hangi may also be sold, but must be prepared in an approved kitchen (approved by a council environmental health officer). 

To obtain a licence:

  • fill in an application form, at least 7 days before the you wish to have the stall
  • attach a supporting letter, written on the letterhead of the charitable organisation or club being represented. If a Trust - a legal certificate from the District Court showing charitable status and number is required
  • provide dates and venues
  • the licence is free of charge

If granted, the licence and the organisation’s name must be clearly displayed on the stall. Food hygiene requirements and those imposed on the licence must be met.

For more information read the fact sheet on food stall requirements

For personal gain

Fruit and vegetable produce may be sold for personal gain.  Fill out an application form to apply for a licence.

For more information read the fact sheet on food stall requirements

Application forms and fact sheets for a stall licence 

Event or Festival Food Stall [PDF, 72 KB] 
Cakes, fruit and vegetables 
Fruit and/or vegetables 
Sausage sizzle 
Non food items

Gisborne Farmers Market food stall

To sell food at the Gisborne Farmers' Market you need to talk to our environmental health staff and obtain a certificate of registration.  Requirements under the Food Hygiene regulations will also need to be met.

Organising an event

If you're the organiser of an event, you need to apply for consent. 
Here's the information on organising an event

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